Wondering how to get those bright, beautiful + clean getting ready photos? See below for some pro-tips.

It's all about that light! When selecting a getting ready location, be sure to select a space with lots of natural light and light colored walls. Church basements with fluorescent lighting + no windows will not do the trick. If you find yourself in that situation you can always recreate them outside if you have time. If you're struggling to find a hotel or space, check out a local VRBO or Airbnb.

Pick up clutter

Before your photographer arrives, be sure to pick up all clutter. This includes getting ready bags your bridesmaids may have brought, shoes, plates, cups, + garbage. I recommend having a separate + clean room for the photos vs. the room with all the stuff, breakfast, etc. It's important to have this done prior to your photographers arrival so that you're not wasting time cleaning that could be spent documenting your day.

Bye Bye yellow lighting.

During the photos, turn off any overhead lights. If you have enough natural light coming in through windows you will not need them. The overhead lights create a yellow, harsh, and unpleasing cast. Relying on the natural light will help create the soft + bright photos you're wanting.